Applications now open – next intake: Spring Semester February-May. Graduates from a wide variety of disciplines, including but not limited to communications and media, architecture, art and design, science, computer science and engineering are encouraged to apply.: Download the application form here.

IT Tallaght is proud to launch an innovative new Masters programme; Master of Arts in Media and Digital Arts. This Masters programme runs part-time over two years, from September 2017 to June 2019 with an exit point after one year for those wishing to qualify for a Post Graduate Diploma. For an update on the recent introductory seminar in RUA RED Arts Centre and other news, see MMDA news.

MMDA prioritises building knowledge and understanding through creative practice using a range of different media and electronic tools. The emphasis is on making things which express, explore, interrogate and create new insights. Inspired by the Maker movement and placed firmly in a STEAM space, through a blend of the science and tools of electronics with those of media arts, students are encouraged to experiment at the intersections of art, design and technology in a practical, hands-on environment.

Delivered jointly by the Department of Humanities and the Department of Electronic Engineering, in partnership with RUA RED South Dublin Arts Centre in Tallaght, graduates of this programme will have advanced knowledge and competencies in areas such as physical computing, digital media, ambient intelligence as well as a deep understanding of how these technologies interconnect with each other and with our capacities for expression and communication.

An antidisciplinary approach allows for experimentation, surprising mutations, intensive potentialities and unexpected possibilities. The lack of disciplinary policing allows for ‘an open-ended capacity for surprise and innovation.’ The blend of expertise and facilities provided by the Institute in collaboration with the participants on the programme is designed to encourage and facilitate innovative work in this new antidisciplinary space.

Globally and in Ireland, there is a reported shortage of skilled professionals with these blended skills – though much is spoken about a STEAM approach, areas where real STEAM methodologies are applied in education are rare.  Through partnership and deep collaboration, this programme provides graduates with the competencies and a professional portfolio of work that will equip them for future roles in a wide variety of organisations such as emerging digital media practice, the cultural industries, fine art, and advertising.

“Creative qualifications are highly sought-after by the best global companies because creative people are generally able to think independently and critically, work well as part of a team, multi-task, and generate new ideas through debate and discussion.” (National Skills Strategy 2025)

“We want them to have a 360-degree view of the world, taking inspiration from all around them – not coming with a narrow, course-focused or theoretical approach” (The Engineer, 10th November 2016)

Course fees are set at €5,500 in total, and places are subject to quota. Download the application form here.