Semester four of the MMDA is the final stage of the full Masters programme, and sees the realisation of an in-depth research and practice piece. Semester one consists of one module:

Practice-based Research Project

Practice-based research is an original investigation undertaken in order to gain new knowledge partly by means of practice and the outcomes of that practice. This contribution to knowledge may be demonstrated through creative outcome in the form of designs, music, digital media, performance, installations and exhibitions.The outcome of this research will be shared with the wider community in a structured way. Creative output can be produced as an integral part, accompanied by documentation of the research process, material that can be published or exhibited.

Indicative content

Overview of Project: The project may be undertaken as part of a work placement to develop specialist knowledge in a chosen area in the field. It will be a practice-based research project undertaken by the student where the main deliverable will be a research paper and creative output delivered as an integral part of the research project, for example images, music, designs, models, digital media, performance, installation or exhibition.

Research Methods for Practice-based Research: Research theory, methodologies and techniques they may require in order to carry out independent practice-based research.

Critical Review Sessions: Peer and Panel Review and Critique Sessions

Installation and Exhibition Practice: Exhibition and installation practices in practice-based research

Supervision of Project and Dissertation: Combined panel of academic and industry supervisors assigned to each student or group, for group and one-to-one supervision.