RUA RED has a long-established relationship with the Department of Humanities in IT Tallaght. Through their Education and Development Officers, they have advised on the development of the Masters in Media and Digital Arts.

A series of symposia in the area of Blended Practice (allowing students to learn new techniques and innovate new practices) are envisaged in semester two of the programme which will run in partnership with RUA RED, in conjunction with their EUCIDA, Glitch festival and Glitch Maker programme.

EUCIDA Project

EUCIDA is a project led by South Dublin Arts Centre Company Ireland, in partnership with Le Département du Territoire de Belfort France and Rezeknes Novada Pasvaldiba Lativa.

EUCIDA is an interactive and innovative community of digital, media and technology artists, curators, researchers and cultural workers, connecting to imagine new ways of artistic mobility, to use technologies as a vector and to augment the sharing of experience, creative practice and opportunities transnationally both for artists and new audiences in reality and virtually. EUCIDA aims to make digital arts accessible to a non-arts audience, and bring a wider public interaction with arts and technology through a programme of ambitious and unique experiences.

/GLITCH Festival

/Glitch Festival at RUA RED is Ireland’s leading Digital Arts Festival that brings together artists utilising media and technology. The festival brings leading media and technology artists, curators and artist groups together with audiences to draw out connections between art, culture and technology with the aim of fostering greater critical understanding and debate around artist’s interaction, investigation and intersection with technologies


Digital Maker Collective are an evolving network of UAL artist, designers, staff & student who regularly meet up & co-develop activities, participate in events, workshops & support live projects together. There are over 200+ individuals who are part of our wider network. Programme leader Sinead McDonald spoke recently at the Tate Exchange Unconference at the Tate Modern, and the institutions are currently exploring ways to link students across different programmes and events.


As part of the design of the programme, the course board engaged with staff members, artists, media professionals, engineers, and educators across a broad spectrum of organisations, such as Giant Animation, Tog Hackerspace Dublin, Intercuts Media, Microsoft, Hack Circus UK, UNC Charlotte, The Open University, and The Chester Beatty Library. We are continuing to develop links across industry and cultural sectors.